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Jerome E "Jerry" Boxhorn Jr.

PVT in 603rd Engineer Camouflage Bn : Co B


Born 1920 in GA, Died 1975


Other residence(s): Macon, GA; Richmond, VA; Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC; New York, NY
United States Army, did not accompany the unit to Europe
Occupation before the war: clerks, general office
Source: 603rd Camouflage Engineer Roster provided by W. Anderson; 1938 high school photo from Find a Grave

Jerome Boxhorn was born on April 7, 1920 in Macon, Georgia. His father was a hotel manager. By the time he was 10, his parents were divorced and he was living with his mother and her second husband in Richmond, VA. By 1935, they were living in Baltimore, MD.

At the time he filled out his draft card (July, 1941) he was living in Washington, DC and working as a clerk in the War Department. In November, 1942 when he enlisted, he gave his residence as Baltimore, MD and his job as a clerk. He reported that he was a high school graduate.

A 1948 travel manifest from Peru to New York lists his profession as "designer." In 1949 he could be found as a member of the crew (purser) on several MATS (Military Air Transport) from Westover Air Base in Chicopee MA to Iceland in 1949. At the time he was living in Greenwich Village (NY).

In the 1950s he worked as a costume designer for NBC, designing more than 200 period costumes for the NBC "Bloomer Girl" spectacular on May 28, 1956. During the 1950s he also did the costume design for several short-lived Broadway shows. In 1960, he designed the costumes for The Follies of 1910 at Carnegie Hall.

He designed the costumes for the Chanukah Festival for Israel Bonds, seen by 54,000 attendees in New York in December 1967-January 1968.

He also worked for CBS in costume design for several years, designing, among other things, the costumes for the Jackie Gleason Show in 1969-70.

He died in 1975—“unexpectedly” at home. He's buried in the Baltimore MD Hebrew Cemetery.


1930 Census

Draft Card

Enlistment Record

Broadway Design Credits

IMDB, Costume Design Credits

Follies of 1910 Design Credits

Costume Designer for Chanukah Festival, 1968

Obituary (confirms nickname "Jerry")

Find a Grave record

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