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Ghost Army (23rd & 3133rd) Roster:

This searchable database of soldiers who served in the Ghost Army has been carefully constructed from a variety of wartime rosters, supplemented with years of painstaking research. It is a work in progress. The goal is to appropriately remember every soldier who served in the Ghost Army. The database includes those who served in the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, which operated in northern Europe; the 3133rd Signal Service Company, which operated independently in Italy; and selected soldiers from the Army Experimental Station and the 12th US Army Group Special Plans Branch, both of which were deeply involved in the deception effort. There are full bios for more than 425 of the soldiers, and work continues to create more. Please note you can also use the search function (magnifying glass) in the upper right to search the bios and the rest of the website. For questions, or to provide information on a Ghost Army soldier, please reach out to us via the Contact Page.


Claude A Zachary

3132nd Signal Service Co

Harry Zam

born 1923 in NY


603rd Engineer Camouflage Bn

Stanley J Zawacki

3133rd Signal Service Co

John R Zeutenhorst

3132nd Signal Service Co

Andrew Charles Ziebe

born 1920 in FL


603rd Engineer Camouflage Bn

Albert Biddle Zintl

born 1912 in PA


603rd Engineer Camouflage Bn

Samuel Zirlin

603rd Engineer Camouflage Bn

Hugo E Zoeller


23rd Headquarters Co

Macario J "Mac" Zordan

born 1919 in IL


3133rd Signal Service Co

Jirayr Hamparzoom Zorthian

born 1912 in Türkiye


603rd Engineer Camouflage Bn

Morton J Zucker

born 1922 in NY


3133rd Signal Service Co

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