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Edgar William Schroeder

LT COL in 23rd Headquarters Co


Born 1913 in KS, Died 1996

Other residence(s): Marion, KS; Columbus, GA; numerous military postings
United States Army, European Theatre of Operations
Occupation before the war: military service
College education before the war: West Point
Notes: Legion of Merit Award; GO #22, Sec IV, Hq ETOUSA, 22 Feb 45. Meritorious Service: Task Force Commander, France, Luxembourg, and Belgium, 1 Jul-12 Nov 44; West Point class of 1939
Source: Roster of 23d HQ officers, from family of Oscar Seale; Awards and Decorations; West Point Graduates list from Cliff Simenson, 27 Dec 2002; photo courtesy Find a Grave (West Point yearbook, 1939)

Edgar Schroeder was born on December 1, 1913 in Lorraine, KS, the second of four sons. His father was a stock farmer, and later a manager at a produce company; three of Edgar's four grandparents had been born in Germany. The family later lived in Marion, KS.

Edgar graduated from West Point in 1939, and married Jewell Lillian "Teddie" Thompson in Bronxville, NY on September 6, 1939. He and Teddie would go on to have four children: Randall, Edward, Beverly, and Keri.

He worked his way up the ranks to LTC within four years, and served in Europe with the Ghost Army as part of the 23rd Headquarters Co.

He got involved in Latin American service after the war, when officers were selected for missions in Central and South America. A 1986 article in The Columbus Ledger quotes Schroeder as saying that "after the post-war communist encroachment in Europe, the United States decided to get a 'foothold' in its own neighborhood."

He was stationed in Venezuela for three years, went to Japan during the Korean War, and then attended the Army War College. After serving as an Intelligence Officer on the General Staff of the Joint Chiefs, he was appointed commandant of the Caribbean School in Panama in 1961.

This school had been started in 1946 for US soldiers stationed in Panama, and had become an international training ground. According to the same 1986 article, it served as "an exporter of US ideals and military doctrine to students across Central and South America." The school enrolled several thousand Latin American students each year and classes were taught entirely in Spanish.

Edgar was unhappy with the name of the school—he felt it meant nothing to the students and didn't have any spirit. He suggested renaming it to "Escuela de las Americas" (School of the Americas) and eventually the name change became official—just as he left command in July, 1963. (In 1986, when the school moved to Fort Benning, he participated in the ceremonies on the base.)

Later in the mid-60s, he continued his educational involvement, serving as a professor of military science at Mercer University in Macon, GA for a year.

He retired from the Army in January, 1969 with the rank of COL, moved to the Columbus, GA area, and served as the Columbus Civil Defense Director for 10 years. In that role he spoke frequently at schools, PTA meetings, and other gatherings.

Edgar died on November 8, 1996 and is buried at the Fort Benning Main Post Cemetery. His wife died the following year and is buried with him.


1939 West Point photo (see Find a Grave record below)


1920 census

1925 Kansas state census

1930 census

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