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William G Aliapoulos

1LT in 406th Engineer Combat Co


Born 1917 in NH, Died 2008


County of enlistment: Manchester, NH
Other residence(s): Manchester, NH; Toledo, OH
United States Army, European Theatre of Operations
Occupation before the war: college student
College education before the war: UNH 3 years
College education after the war: UToledo
Notes: ASN 01100547 in Awards and Decorations; Bronze Star; GO #20, Hq 12th A Gp, 13 Nov 44. Heroic Services: Platoon Leader, France, 10-13 Aug 44.
Source: 603rd Camouflage Engineer Roster provided by W. Anderson; Roster of 23d HQ officers, from family of Oscar Seale; Awards and Decorations; 603rd reunion mailing list; Bernie Mason Company D Roster; Bernie Mason Company A, B Roster; photo from Rebh Collection, GALP Archive

He rescued two children from their cribs in a tenement fire in Manchester, NH in 1939--brave young man!

Enlistment record:,sl,fd&rpp=10&pg=1&rid=387097

This article says that he was living in Toledo, OH in 1947 and was a former UNH student; wife went to U. of Toledo.

Here is his obituary which tells us the following: he started out at Brookline (MA) Seminary, intending to be a Greek Orthodox priest but did not stay there long. Then UNH. Studies interrupted by war; drafted and sent to OCS, became 2LT. The obit mentions the Ghost Army. Won Bronze Star. Married Franny in 1945; worked for an engineering firm in Toledo and finished his degree in mechanical engineering at U. of Toledo nights. Two daughters; avid golfer, skier, skater, swimmer. Died October 20, 2008.!/Obituary

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