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Operation CASANOVA

4-9 November

Meanwhile, General Patton’s Third Army was also on the offensive and the 23rd was engaged down there, too. In Operation CASANOVA (4-9 November) a detachment of the 23rd supported a river crossing demonstration in the vicinity of Ukange. The idea was to use the 3132nd sonic bridge-building program together with the diversionary crossing by a battalion of the 95th Infantry Division dressed as soldiers of the 90th. This would draw the enemy’s attention away from the XX Corps effort of the 90th backed by the 10th Armored Division 11 miles down the Moselle. At the last moment, however, the Commanding General of the 95th Division decided against the use of sonic because he decided to build a real bridge at Ukange and did not want to call his shot in advance. Therefore, CASANOVA was limited to Special Effects alone. It merely splattered the Ukage area with 90th division atmosphere. No dummies, sonic or radio were used.

Even so, according to a Twelfth Army Group G-2 report, the enemy was surprised by the 90th’s crossing north of Thionville and Metz soon fell to the Third Army.

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