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Illuminated Letters

September 19, 1943

Letters from Arthur Singer

watercolor painting of a lake

Sunday, Sept. 19, ‘43


Still haven’t found my pen yet so I have to borrow where I can. This weekend is an unusual one to say the least. We are working! Almost all the company left for the range this morning and everyone had to get up at 5:30 A.M. – ON SUNDAY! Horrible isn’t it? I haven’t been feeling well particularly last night. I almost felt as though I had a touch of the grippe. This morning I went to the Dispensary and my temperature was normal, I’ll have to go back at nine to see the doctor and get something for the cold. Damn it – I have guard duty all day and night to make things worse, I guess I won’t get much rest. Yesterday I went to bed at four in the afternoon and didn’t get up for chow. Outside of one interruption I didn’t get up until this morning. That was when Bessie called to find out whether I could come to Washington Monday as I said I would. I hardly think I will if the cold is the way it is now. Perhaps if you come down next week maybe we could go there on Sunday. If I am not rid of my cold next week then I don’t think you should come down because you would probably get it from me. I know only too well that I couldn’t resist kissing and holding you. Oh well, I’m holding forth high hopes for at least one three day pass for the Jewish holidays.

Since I wrote last there hasn’t been any mail for me or much news. The new T.O. calls for a company bugler with a corporal’s rating who will act at company messages with a jeep he will have to ride and a 50 caliber machine gun he must operate as well as a 45 calibre sub machine gun.

Today I hope to get a chance to write to Bill and I suppose most of the day and night I’ll be walking my legs off. Fortunately, I have Sunday morning free. I sent the application for the voting ballot to Albany yesterday.

So my darling, Judy, I rejoice as days pass no[w] that the time shortens until I see you next and I’ll be able to press you close to me.



P.S. Did you see this week’s life [sic] and the story of Colonel Carson [sic] and his Rangers? He patterned a Guerilla battalion of Americans after the Chinese Red Army and it shows a picture of him and Chu The!! This amazed me, it shows that someone recognizes the success of the Chinese Red Army!

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