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Illuminated Letters

1943 Train Sketch

Letters from Arthur Singer

watercolor painting of a train

[Undated other than “Monday”. Refers to another letter earlier on the same day. No envelope. This stationery begins to be used in October 1943.]


My beloved,

I have more time to write now. This afternoon when I wrote I did so very hurriedly and my letter was probably kind of jumbled and excited. Well, that’s the Army for you – you can’t count on anything beforehand.

I have room orderly tomorrow so that will be one less detail that I can catch on a weekend. Also there is a night problem tomorrow that I will miss, so I’m kind of lucky in that respect.

Last night I caught the train with plenty of time to spare. There was lots of room also. The ride wasn’t bad and I did catch a few winks. The nuts came in handy as did the apple because I got quite hungry.

I saw the photo taken of the company and I’m ordering one enlargement at cost of 50¢ but it looks like a good picture. Also am getting 2 prints at 8¢ each of our company party.

Tomorrow is pay day, thank God, but that money will have wings on it.

Tonight I guess I’ll do some writing of letters. I will write to George.

[train sketch]

I hope you don’t mind the change of atmosphere it’s the exact opposite of serene animal designs.

So until we’re in each other’s arms again – here is my love. Goodnight, angel.



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