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Illuminated Letters

July 3, 1943

Letters from Arthur Singer

ink sketch of a gazelle

Sat. July 3

Dear love,

I’ve been kinda worried because I haven’t had any mail for the entire week and here it is Saturday. I hope you are well. I know that delivery of mail is getting very slow and I hope this is the reason I haven’t heard from you. I’m praying that I get a letter from you tomorrow.

Well, our art project is completed right on schedule. We’ve made an excellent showing, I believes. I don’t think it’s going to get us anywhere but if more artwork comes up we will get preference. All in all I did nine posters. One other fellow did either eight or nine so you see I haven’t been loafing. I have samples of eight. Three are home already and you’ll see the others when I can get to New York next. My furlough will come soon, not this week but perhaps next. It would be perfect if I could get it about the 15th of July. The Army as usual doesn’t tell you anything in advance. Since our job is done all the details will fall on our heads this week. I have guard duty Monday and I expect KP this week damn it.

I got a card from George and El bawling me out for not writing. How do you like that? I usually write to them and get no answer so I didn’t write for some time. But as I told you Sunday I intended to write them. I did and I told them we would get together during my furlough. I also wrote to Lou and Ann this week as well as Howard Willard, Fritz & Lee and Donnie and Don. Don’t worry I didn’t make any promises to spend a night at their house, although I said I would be at the zoo one day of my furlough.

Today, I went up to the Main Post and bought a nice tie for 75¢ and then visited the library. I saw the book by Johannes Steel[e] that I almost finished and I read the remaining part. I took out Winter Tales by Isak Dinesen which looks very good. Otherwise, this weekend will be spent in relaxation.

Darling, let me know what’s new. Did you see the doctor last week? Did he tell you anything new? And don’t be too active nights, take it easy. Your health means everything. And you know how much it means to me.

I wish I had you here so that I could hug you. Take care of Judy for me.



P.S. There is a swell writeup in the Ft Meade Post on us camoufleurs working overtime on posters with are names mentioned.

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