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Illuminated Letters

August 1, 1943

Letters from Arthur Singer

watercolor painting of a water buffalo

Sunday, Aug 1

Dearest love,

It did me good to hear your voice last night. How I longed for you. To think that two people could come to love each other so when in the past they were total strangers. It is wonderful and it makes life so much more complete, it takes on more meaning.

Today was rather dull. I wrote to Fritz and my parents and in the afternoon after a sleep I went to the pool again It was a beautiful day and yet there were very few people there. This Sunday is almost gone and the week promises to be tough since we must get up at five and will return late to the barracks at night. As I told you we are firing the carbines for record.

Next weekend if I get a pass we will go to my parents Saturday night and possibly stay in Bellaire all day Sunday and if any of our friends want to see us they can come to us – for a change. I’m thinking particularly of Ann and Lou since I won’t see him after he gets in the Army.

As I told you I saw Stormy Weather last night. I got a kick out of it but I wonder whether you would. There is no plot to speak of, there hardly ever is in a musical. It was like a glorified Cotton Club show but the talent had that certain something that no white musical ever has. As for music there was a little good jazz played and swwell swell dancing. What I liked was that all the songs were old favorites like Ain’t Misbehavin’[,] I Can’t Give you Anything But Love and the like with blues and some modern Calloway jive. It reminded me exactly of the innumerable times I’ve been backstage with these very same entertainers. It was just the picture to lift me out of my blues which I had because I couldn’t see you.

There isn’t anything that I can add to my letter. I’m waiting for more snapshots like a hungry wolf and I’ve shared those I got to everyone in the barracks.

Until I can hold you tight in my arms again, suffice to say I love you.

Yours always & always


Hope you enjoy the sketch.

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