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Illuminated Letters

July 6, 1943

Letters from Arthur Singer

blue ink sketch of forest and a lizard


My dearest love,

Gee, it’s nice when you have a few days off – I get a letter from you every day. Today is the fourth day in succession that I’m writing to you. Even though there isn’t much to say I have the urge to write. You’re such a dear wife.

Today is really beautiful. Still on guard but it’s laughable. All we do is read, write, sleep[,] eat ice cream and drink coca colas. The guard route is a long one so when our two hours are due we make a tour that takes about half an hour, then we sit down and later make one more trip. Two in the two hours. And it is beautiful here. This morning as I walked around I observed a certain type of lizard that was running themselves throughout the area. A gorgeous and graceful little thing colored lemon yellow along the sides and turning into a gorgeous brown on top and the underparts were a beautiful pale grey blue. Along its sides were black strips – what a color combination! As I approached they would streak away through the undergrowth, stop, continue, stop and race away to safety. I didn’t see any rabbits but Peter saw five yesterday. I did see a little squirrel in the trees overhead, and naturally, birds galore. All in all I won’t mind getting this guard duty again – not on a weekend, though, when I’m supposed to be with you.

This morning I finished One World which was well worth the reading. I also wrote to Ann and Lou. If I get in this weekend maybe they would come over my mother’s house Saturday night and if you went we might go somewhere with them Sunday. We usually have a good time when we are with them, we both all feel so at ease with one another.

I’ve heard rumors of more silk screen work but they are only rumors so far. Tomorrow I have another detail Table Waiter which isn’t anything but I hope KP won’t fall on the weekend for me.

Got a card from Howie giving notification of change of address, he has evidently found himself an apartment. Wish we were doing the same don’t you? Goodnight for now, luscious one.



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