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Illuminated Letters

May 5, 1943

Letters from Arthur Singer

ink sketch of a lizard


Dearest Sweet Wife,

The reason for using the lizard drawing in this letter is because one of the fellows in the barracks caught one. I just finished this little drawing from life. It stayed absolutely still for me.

Today, I found out the results of the I.Q. For your information I got 127. So it was worth while retaking. I also got your letter today and you know how I welcome one of them. I got a post card from Howie. The rest of the day was spent on a platoon problem. During the evening I made a good deal of progress on the sketch of Ellington. It’s coming out alright, but as you know I don’t relish doing realistic copy work anymore, once upon a time I might have liked it.

Tomorrow is another all day hike in the country. I hope it will be a nice day.

This is all the news from this end. As to coming in the following Saturday after this, one can never promise but it’s fairly certain unless I’m unlucky. The Café Loyale idea is fine with me. Maybe we can’t get home at a reasonable hour so we can be together a long time.

Have a nice time this weekend and take care of yourself. Regards to everyone and all my love to you.



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