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Illuminated Letters

June 29, 1943

Letters from Arthur Singer

watercolor painting of a mountain lion


My darling,

Actually, so little has happened since I saw you, that this letter may be a trifle short. Incidentally, I got a good seat on the train with the breeze blowing in my face all the way back – it was nice.

Monday, and I finished up a poster. All the artwork is now completed and we are all busying ourselves with reproducing the remaining ones. We worked at night Monday until 9 o’clock. This Monday and Tuesday we reproduced 17 posters!! Four of these were my own and boy did they turn out swell! I’m quite happy about them.

Tonight, I wrote to Howie. And now I’m writing to you and maybe more.

I musn’t [sic] forget to mention that as I look back on last weekend I realize how idea it was and I’ve never felt that I’ve been so much with you on any other weekend. I wouldn’t mind keeping them that way.

I’ve heard a rumor that everyone will be taught how to drive in the 603rd. It may be after the silk screen business but I hope it will hold off until after my furlough which I’m looking forward to eagerly. It’s a swell feeling to be able to look forward to six days in your delightful company.

I don’t have any other news since I haven’t any mail yet this week.

So I guess there is nothing else to do but to send you a big kiss before I go to bed which is very soon[.] All my love



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