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Illuminated Letters

1943 Zebra Sketch

Letters from Arthur Singer

watercolor painting of a herd of zebras and gazelles

[No date, no envelope]

My darling,

Today is Sunday, bright and warm. I got up late because of the party last night at Sherwood Forest. It is a very exclusive “hoity-toity” place if you know what I mean. I would be very curious to know how many Jews are allowed in. However, I did manage to have a good time. There were girls there, of course, and they were all quite young. I was fortunate in finding a girl who was a marvelous dancer and it really was a pleasure because she had a good sense of rhythm. Incidentally, the next time I come in I would like to go someplace where we could dance. I would like to go to Cafe Society Downtown early so the floor won’t be crowded. Can you find out whether Pearl Primus is still there? That’s the main reason for me wanting to go there. If she isn’t we can find another place. I think we would go early on a Sunday evening so I could get out in time to make a 10:30 or 11:30 train.

To return to the dance, it ended about half past twelve. As you know I’m rather critical of things. I thought this girl I was with was dressed very badly. It ain’t nice to say so but she shouldn’t have worn one of these taffeta skirts that have pleats all around [sketch of a skirt] unless the girl is really slender. As you also know I don’t like you to wear this type of skirt. Otherwise, she was all right and her face was the Betty Grable type but fortunately she wasn’t a dumb cluck. Anyway, everyone had a nice time and I enjoyed dancing very much. It seems ages since I last was dancing and the band was fairly good.

Today I washed underwear. The laundry is getting ornery again and turns down colored civilian underwear. So one thing I would like you to get me area  few pair of white underwear (waist 30) shorts. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind washing but I can do it only on Sunday and I haven’t enough pairs of white underwear to last me all week. Another bad thing is that they don’t allow hanging of wash during the day – every day except Sunday.

Today I must write to the Willards, and I have someone else to write to but I can’t remember who. I wrote to Milt already. I must write to Bess and Eddie soon. Have you tried to contact Ann and Lou? Tomorrow, I’m going on sick call to see what the doctor says about my case.

[zebra drawing]

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