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Training in the USA

September 25, 1942

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Training in the USA Letter from Harold Dahl

Pvt. Harold J. Dahl
Co. B 603rd Eng. Cam. Bn.
Ft. Meade, Md

​Dear Lou,

Today has been our first of field work, and our last for 3 weeks during which time we will do drill and other basic training. We made some dummy cannon & anti-air craft guns.

rifles and sandbags in training center

Rifles and bags for everyone

One distinction is surely mine in this army - I got my rifle & gas mask before I got any uniforms whatsoever. I am sending home my clothes, all but my hat which I threw away, and my shoes, which I am keeping to wear on my first visit home.

We have a fairly pleasant place - all nice pines but too much dust. It gets all over the place. Tomorrow night I have to go on guard duty, fellows are all very helpful - and I must say that they come from all over the map. In my Co. there are only about 35 men so it is pretty small.

There are a couple of things I would like to have. One is more of my underwear and my sandals. Also could you get a pound of American Roquefort in NY at the Market (Bastholds Stand) - some of the lads like it. I’ll owe you the money.

I don’t just know what to do about money - my checks aren’t worth anything - can’t cash them anywhere but Baltimore or Washington. Have you any ideas?

Well, I have to go for a haircut - see you soon - don’t forget the hangers.


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