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Training in the USA

January 19, 1943

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Letters from Harold J Dahl January 19 1943

Fort George G. Meade

Dear Mom,

Well, I’ve changed my little home again - the Company & barracks are the same, but I am now in the 1st Platoon & live downstairs instead of upstairs. In the army you certainly have to get accustomed to change.

Major in US Army WW2

Left to right:

Capt. Hooper, Major Fitz, Lt. Andrews

Our Colonel said goodbye to us today and you could see how badly he felt to leave after building up the battalion from a group of 35 last May. Our new Commanding officer is a major named Fitz who is much older. He came out to see something we were working on today and was much impressed by the speed at which we were working. That was the 3rd platoon, a swell outfit. Most of the things we have been making have been for use in a camouflage manual that is soon to be published by the War Dept.

I have the Christmas Cards all wrapped & will mail them as soon as I can get to a Post Office. Also am including some chewing gum for Lou. How is the gum situation now? & chocolate? I can send some of each sometime - they are cheap here & fairly plentiful. But the butter situation really must be bad. We haven’t had any at all for 2 days.
The rubbers & arctics arrived - the arctics I gave to Gene Torrent - a kid from Jacksonville, Fla, who suffers from the cold - and also the honey buns arrived - tell Lou thanks very much.

One thing I’d like to get is about 20 straight pins. There aren’t any in the barracks & I need some. Just stick them in the next letter if you can spare them.

Received your letter & Lou’s. Mr. Glasgow must have been funny.

I got the prayer book, etc. - one of the other men really wanted it and a new testament that came, too - so I gave them to him. They will do much more good there than they would with me.

Well - I have to clean my rifle a bit - it has been raining all day so the thing is wet


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