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Training in the USA

November 24, 1942

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Letters from Harold J Dahl November 24 1942

U.S. Army
Fort George S. Meade, MD.

Dear Mom & Lou,

Thanks for the letter - but don’t mistake my position - I am not a mere sharpshooter, but an expert, which is better. And the medal is prettier. I’ll bet you are proud, and I must say that I am too. It feels pretty good to be second-highest man in the Battalion. I understand that at parade on Saturday I’ll have to go before the Colonel.

photograph of Mary Van Duine in army nurse uniform

Mary Van Duyne,

in the Army Nurse Corps

The furlough list was posted today & I am on it for Dec. 6 to 11 [1942]. That means that, excluding anything unforeseen, I’ll leave here at 12:00 on the Sunday night - go right to N.Y.C. and pop into bed at the Pennsylvania. George can reserve me a room, I guess. Then I’ll do my visiting in town that day & come home with Lucy. I’m glad Norman & Gladys [Dahl] will be there for Thanksgiving - it will make things jollier for you - it will also make me miss being there all the time.

Today we had drill in bayonet practice for endless hours & then in anti-air craft fire. Tomorrow [11/25/42] we go to the combat range and learn to shoot rifles at airplanes. That should be good sport. But I’ve never been so weary as I am tonight.

Lou, I’d say that if Maris doesn’t come for the bicycle this coming Sunday [11/28/42] that you let Mr. Ogg have it, complete with the extra tires for the $40.00. I’d rather Walter had it, anyway. I’ll probably be wanting some of that money when on furlough, which will be an expensive proposition.

Better tell Franklin & the Wolfson boy & Fogelson that I’m coming home - I’ll want a little to eat anyway. While I was at Clint’s he said he had the first package of bacon he’d had in 4 weeks!

It would be nice if we could all eat at the Pudding Stone Inn some night - you folks & Geo. & Pat [Dahl], etc. Don’t you think so?

Maybe Mary [Van Duyne] did write to me, but I haven’t received the letter yet. I’ll be glad to get it, though.

Give Halsey money for the battery & charge me for it - nice of him to take care of it.

Well, I think I’ll go to bed - I’ll write to you again soon.


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