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Training in the USA

January 10, 1943

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Letters from Harold J Dahl January 10 1943


Dear Lou,
This is for both you & Mom but I’m sending it to the office because there is something I want. I have been making fish nets all day & got an idea so can you send me some hard green cord or yellow cord or red cord in a size about like that Christmas stuff, plus some 3/8” green ribbon - cheap stuff - plus a small shuttle, which will probably be the tough thing - you know what it is - any arrangement that will hold & feed the cord and will slide thru 1/2” squares. The needles we have are too large but are like this {drawing}.

army truck in muddy ditch

Think she's stuck?

This is why Harold wanted Lucy to send his rubbers

Also I’d like my great big rubbers if I still own them, plus those old arctics, if they are at all good enough for someone to wear. It is wet & snowy down here & we will not get overshoes issued to us. I put in for camoufleur for the ski troops, but do not think I’ll make it.

Today I saw “Blythe Spirit” which was nice enough. Didn’t get to hear Marion Anderson - Too busy.

I certainly was sorry to hear about Fritz - in fact I felt terrible to think that he was gone.

Thanks for all the stuff - arrived here in good order. The buckles, etc. were fine. I’ll send you more money later or bring it or something. But not until all my creditors pay up.

For Mom’s benefit an “alert” lasts for 7 days - On the Post, one Battalion of troops is on the alert at all times & they take turns. We have to be ready to fight at any minute - our packs must be ready, our rifles ready, our cloths always on, etc.

I was amused at the picture in the “Sun” & can’t imagine how it really is - down here things are unchanged because the traffic is all military.

I’ll be glad to get the rings (Cushman’s). Is that the kind Charlie fed me that day? That wasn’t a ring - was a kind of twist, I think.

You should be getting a book, but no bill - that came direct from to me & so I’ll send a check.

We had quite a time yesterday [1/9/43] at the last minute we were told that we were to build a dummy anti-air craft position & have it done that afternoon. We really had to work, especially me, since I was the only one in our platoon who knew hot to chop, saw or hammer. Some crew we had!

Our food has been much better than it used to be - and on Sundays it is particularly good. Today we had fricassee of turkey which was perfectly wonderful. Tonight after the play we went to Boontown & had a steak dinner & Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Ummmmm.

I cut the Orozco [Jose Clemente Orozco - Mexican painter noted for his monumental murals] out of the “Times”. Will you save it for me? It is one of my favorites.

The apples came from the Van Nesses [friends from Towaco] - haven’t received Jeannie’s letter yet. Don’t think I’ll have anything done to the wallet - in fact it is more beautiful than any I have ever seen & I’m going to use it only off Post.

I weighed myself today & I hit 160 - so I’ve gained a few pounds which is all to the good. Lately I have been haunting the Dispensary - my cold is much, much better, but the other day I ran a nail clean thru the edge of my foot - right thru my shoe & all. So I had to get another Tetanus shot and plenty of medical attention. It is all well again now.

We have a Battalion project to build a long bridge near the rifle range. That should be interesting & should give us some necessary training of the kind I’ll be glad to get.

Today for the first time I saw some of those amphibian things - they are like a small scow with four wheels & a propeller. Some stuff, our army!

I’ll tell you what my idea is & you let me know what you think of it - a snood made in small square & garnished like a camouflage net. I think the kids would like them a lot, don’t you? And don’t tell a soul about the idea, will you?


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