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Training in the USA

October 25, 1942

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Letters from Harold J Dahl October 25 1942

603rd Engr. Cam. Bn.
U.S. Army
Fort George G. Meade, MD

Dear Mother,

I am enclosing an Engineers Pin which is better to wear than the Service Pin - means something to be in the Engineers, especially the 603rd.

Engineers Pin reading We conceal our might

Engineers Pin

My New Company is OK - fine bunch of well-educated men - and my friend Herb Amborski was sent there too along with Sam Rosenbaum, Bud Parke, Marion Pastorcrich & me. Next week (tomorrow) [10/26/42] starts regular training now that my basic is over.

Last night [10/24/42] we went to a Service Club Dance. It was allright, but not enough girls let alone nice ones. I found one, though, who is a teacher and a pretty good kid. Also met a lot of soldiers from the other units nearby, including the Prince of the Samoan Islands and who has been in the Army for 2 weeks. He said his father put him on a ship saying nothing about where he was going. He soon found himself in San Francisco where “Uncle Sam took care of me for 5 days and then put me in the Army.” Everyone got a good laugh out of that.

Tonight [10/25/42] I am on guard duty so I can’t leave the Post - but the 1st Sgt (Ericson - Svenska) said there was a good chance that Herb & I might get to Towaco this weekend. [10/31/42]. Although it wouldn’t be very early in the evening.

We have a dance next Thursday [10/29] night so that should be fun. Henry’s apples arrived yesterday.

I’ll take down Eddie’s [Edwin Dahl] address & drop him a line right away - I’m glad the car passed - it was so nice of Mrs. Heinke to take it over.


I heard from Dan Wood - he is to be trained as an Air Corps Instrument Technician. He is in Miami - the lucky bum.

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