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Training in the USA

September 1942

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Dahl Letters September 1942

Dear Mom,

Well here I am - with fellows from all over the place - and they all say we are going to get a tough work-out, so I’ll be pretty hard before long. I hear I’m to get a week-end after about 3 weeks which is the end of my detention period. The fellows are very friendly and helpful. I guess I get my duds tomorrow - at the moment I’m the only guy in civilian clothes in the whole camp of 60,000.

Fort Meade Postcard WW2

Fort Meade
Courtesy of the Gottesman Collection
at Ghost Army Legacy Project

The ride down was uneventful and a little boring. At Baltimore I had a wait of over an hour so I ate and then happened to meet some fellows who were coming down here.

Will you tell Dr. Boquist my address?
PVT. Harold J. Dahl
Co. B, 603 Engr. Cam. Bn.
Fort Geo. G. Meade, MD

Well - so long for now - regards to Lucy.


P.S. Please send me as many clothes hangers as you can - but camouflage the package - URGENT - Harold. ​

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