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Harry Langdon Reeder Jr.

1LT in 23rd Headquarters Co


Born 1920 in Germany, Died 1989

Other residence(s): Washington, DC; Panama
United States Army, European Theatre of Operations
College education before the war: West Point
Source: Roster of 23d HQ officers, from family of Oscar Seale; West Point Graduates list from Cliff Simenson, 27 Dec 2002; photo from Elliot Reeder

Harry Reeder, Jr. was born on October 5, 1920 in Koblenz, Germany while his father, an Army officer, was stationed there with the occupying forces.

Like many Army brats, he grew up in a variety of communities. He lived in Panama in his teens, and there met a young woman named Diana Griswold, whose father was also stationed in Panama. Eventually they would marry.

After graduating from Forest Park High School in Baltimore, Harry graduated from West Point in 1943, and was commissioned as a 2LT. The class of 1943 graduated early, in January, to get them into the war quicker. He married Diana Griswold shortly after graduation.

Harry was promoted to 1LT in December, 1943, and eventually assigned to the 23 HQ Company of the Ghost Army, along with his West Point classmate George Rebh and his brother Boyd Reeder. Harry and Boyd's father, Harry Sr., served as CO of the unit.

Harry Sr. died only two years after the end of the war; Harry Jr. was still stationed in Germany at the time of his father's death. His and Diana's first child, Harry L. Reeder, III, was born in Stuttgart; they would have three more children: Susan, Margaret, and Stanley.

Harry was promoted to CPT in February, 1949, and later saw service in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, earning the rank of COL during his career. His brother, Boyd, was also a career Army officer.

He died on May 13, 1989 and is buried at the Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery in Kansas.


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1937 yearbook (includes photo; copy attached)

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