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Training in the USA

October 3, 1943

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Letters from Harold J Dahl October 3 1943

U.S. Army

Dear Mom & Lou,

There is very little to say today - little has happened. I did get the almond rings which are wonderful.

It feels strange to be in OD’s once more instead of sun-tans - much more dressed up. Incidentally, will you look up my belt & hat and keep them until I get home again - which should be either next week [10/10/43] or the week after. [10/17/43]. I’ll let you know which as soon as I can.

Harold J Dahl posing in army uniform with two women

Thelma Van Duyne, Harold Dahl,

Claire Van Duyne

As you say, I have been rather busy - changes are occurring in the company and I am having quite a little to say about it all. Also we are working on experiments for simple ways to teach troops about booby traps. Yesterday [10/2/43] I worked out a way to simulate one of those mines that jumps up in the air before it explodes.

I imagine Charlie will feel queer - but there is nothing he can do. Poor Hovel has been going deaf in one ear to the point that we are going to lose him - he gets a medical discharge which is breaking his heart.

We are going to be very highly trained for the next couple of months - in motor transport, bridges, mines, combat & all Engineer activities besides hiking & obstacle courses. Evidently we are to be some kind of “crack” outfit which is OK by us.

Am enclosing a receipt to put away. Now I am going to get dressed & go over to the Service Club Library for awhile.

Please give my regards to Claire [Van Duyne] - tell her I haven’t written because there was so little to say.

We are ordering maneuver snapshots - I’ll send them along when they come. I’ll have about 60 prints - quite a collection.


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