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Training in the USA

June 27, 1943

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Letters from Harold J Dahl June 27 1943

U.S. Army
Ft. Gen. G. Meade, Md.
Sunday Afternoon
[probably 6/27/43]

Dear Mom & Lou,

Flat Top Newspaper page from US Army

Harold sent this newspaper with

his July 8, 1943 letter

The weather made me decide to stay in camp this weekend - it is brutally hot and I was all in from a Battalion bivouac on Thursday [6/24/43] & Friday [6/25/43]. We went to a chigger-infested spot down along the Chesapeake Bay where we did manage to go swimming twice but which afforded a total of only 2 hours sleep for Lt. Slamon and a crew of picked men which included me. We had to rig up booby traps in a mine field and then the next day had to take up a field laid by another crew & rigged up with boobies. (We use fire crackers).

Just now I am at the Post Field House waiting for the start of Helen Hayes in “Harriet”. I just noticed Anne Gibson sitting a couple of rows ahead of us. I’m pouring sweat out of me like a cloudburst.

The coffee cakes arrived today - I’m saving one for tomorrow when we go on another march and bivouac. Thanks very much.

I can’t get much in this letter - there is little to tell & so I’ll let it got until Tue. or Wed. night at the bivouac. [6/29, 6/30/43]


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