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September 3, 1944

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Letters from Harold J Dahl September 3 1944

France, Sept 3rd [1944]

Dear Mom & Lou,
The label is from a bottle the Germans left me for the celebration of my birthday [HJD was 31 years old on 9/3/44]. While it was not the best of cognac, it still was a pleasure to have it. Also I had a real, honest-to-goodness Hershey bar in my PX ration this week and I’m going to eat that later on.

I went for water this afternoon so I saw a little of this vicinity and I must say it is the most beautiful country I have ever seen. No wonder they call this “La Belle France”!

The news makes everyone talk about prospects of getting home by Christmas. Let’s hope that one comes true.

Foucauld Cognac Label

The label that Harold enclosed with his letter

I was glad to get the Bury’s cookies and the cinnamon the other day. They are both pretty good. Yesterday I made a little applesauce in spare time. It was not like home but it was O.K.

It is too bad that I can’t tell you about the places I’ve seen - I hope I’ll be able to remember it all after I get home. Probably I will, bit by bit. One day I went thru a town and saw the subject of an etching by a man Mr. Ellerhusen once introduced me to. It is one of my favorites so I was thrilled to see the original. And many places are mentioned in Dumas [Alexander Dumas] or have been spoken of by the Van Duynes [Towaco neighbors] so they are like old friends.

I know you are thinking about me today as I am of you and home. Things for the world look better now than they have for many years so that is the best birthday present I could have.
Thanks for the cards.

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