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June 27, 1944

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Letters from Harold J Dahl June 27 1944

To: Mrs. Anna M. Dahl
New Jersey

From: Sgt. H.J. Dahl 12161982
Co. D 603rd Eng. Cam. Btn.
23rd Hqs Sp. Trs.
A.P.O. 655
C/O Postmaster, New York, N.Y.

June 27, 1944

Dear Mom & Lou,

Pariser Zeitung Newspaper from WW2

May 31, 1944 headlines in the Pariser Zeitung:

English juvenile delinquents and cowboy diplomats in Washington!

Harold apparently picked up this paper later in the war.

Not much to write about but I’ll do my best.  One thing - we had a day off on Sunday so I went up to Laurie’s [Free] house.  It was wonderful to spend some time in a home - her Mother [Wynne Free] is awfully nice and jolly and so is the woman they live with - a Mrs. Humphreys.  They have a lovely house, part of which dates back 400 years, and a garden of roses that staggers me, as do most rose gardens over here.

One night a few of us went to a couple of fine old taverns out in the country - had a nice meal in a Tudor atmosphere - complete with sherry, port and scotch - quite a treat.  But I’d love to sink my teeth in a good steak or some strawberries or a cherry pie! Not to mention the joy of a glass of milk - I hope it won’t always be like this.  People over here have a hard time when they consider the news about meat rationing in the states - they get only [blacked out - censored] worth per week a piece.  So many of them want to come to America that Broadway after the war will probably ring with the sound of h’s dropping on the sidewalk.


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