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November 21, 1944

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Letters from Harold J Dahl November 21 1944

Nov. 21, 1944
[handwritten afterwards: Lux]

Dear Mom & Lou,
I had some nice things lately - a fruit cake from Col. Van Duyne, and letter from Lou and Betty Sharp who sent me Cush’s address. He is in France so I’ll write him a letter tonight. I’m saving the cake to eat on Thursday with cognac I hope. We are going to have real, honest to goodness turkey. [This is probably the Luxembourg Thanksgiving dinner]. Honestly, there is nothing for you to concern yourselves with about me; - we eat better than we did in the states, sleep dry and little Nellie brings me an apple every day so that takes care of the doctor! We even get vitamin tablets’ - I hope vicks sells some of them.

The Luxemburger Wort on Nov 22 1944 front page

The Luxemburger Wort on Nov. 22, 1944,

with headline story of Thanksgiving Day

The shoe situation here is pretty bad, especially for children - they aren’t rationed at home, are they? Kids shoes, I mean. Do you suppose that small girls’ shoes (age 9 & 10) would come under the 1st class qualifications as far as mail is concerned? If so, send two or three pairs right away & fastest way - also a couple of pairs of long stockings that might fit Nellie who is 10. Her kid sister is 9 but the size of 7 or thereabouts.

Election day is the latest letter I’ve had from you - I’m wondering if you have received the coats by now. Today I sent the helmet to Kent & Danny [Van Duyne] - Harold Fisch & I put the insignia on it and then I tied up the inside parcel with cord from a parachute, part of which is now in daily use as a scarf to keep my shirt collar clean. If I know kids, they’ll get a great kick out of it, but when the package comes you’d better tell them about the cord so they’ll know what it is. You can easily tell that it is silk.

Recently I had a real honest tub bath in a public bathing place - the amazing thing about it is that it cost the equivalent of $.11 in American money. Funny how some things are so cheap and others so expensive. For instance pistols cost 3 or 4 times what they are worth, but a friend (civilian) will sometimes turn up and sell one for a carton of cigarettes.

Hovel did a beautiful water-color the other day of a kid sitting in my lap - I’m going to have to fight to get the original but I’ll do my best.

It is so difficult to think of enough things to say to make a letter interesting. It will take me years & years to tell all about it - no wonder the vets of the last war talked for so long after writing nothing.

Oh yes - the music came and we are trying to get a chorus under way. It should be fun if it works out. Thanks for sending it.

Well, give my love to Thelma & Claire [Van Duyne] -

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