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Operation MERZIG

13-14 Feb 1945

Sonic deception was becoming more popular. About a week after WHIPSAW, the 3132nd was on another mission for XX Corps. They called this one MERZIG (13-14 February) and it was an attempt to pin down the elusive 11th Panzer Division. The 11th Panzers were variously reported all over the front and as far east as Russia but there were strong indications that most of the outfit was near Remich opposite the U.S. 94th Infantry. In this position they were fairly harmless so 12th Army Group wanted them to stay there. For this purpose the 3132nd simulated by sound the concentration of American armor in the vicinity of Merzig some 15 miles to the southeast.

Just as the 2nd Cavalry Group had done in FLAXWEILER and WHIPSAW, the 3rd Cavalry Group did in MERZIG. The Cavalry diversionary effort included a real tank buildup, increased fire and a smokescreen. Naturally, this flesh and blood deception materially assisted the more gossamer contribution of the 23rd unit. No one ever knew exactly what happened to the 11th Panzer but the enemy certainly acted up locally. During the two nights of operation, 135 rounds of 80 mm mortar and 28 rounds of artillery fire exploded in the vicinity. Also, enemy planes flew over on the hour every hour of darkness dropping flares. The MERZIG commander was sorry he did not have rubber tanks to simulate a combat command in march column along the road.

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