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Illuminated Letters

November 8, 1943

Letters from Arthur Singer

watercolor painting of a moose

November 8 ‘43

Dear Judy,

Today, is Monday. We did just about nothing today. But tomorrow comes the test of physical stamina. 33 pushups, 11 marine burpees, 300 yd. dash, 75 yds of creeping, running, crawling, running and jumping, then running 70 yds carrying a person your own weight, then a four mile forced march in 50 minutes. What a day!!

I got a big package from home today and it was swell. In it were a box of french [sic] chocolates, a bag of hard candy, molasses bar, three apples and, unfortunately, three badly crushed bananas. It was a nice surprise. I got a card from George which I’m sending you.

Yesterday’s phone call to you helped my spirits considerably. It was so good to hear your voice. I love you, darling wife, I feel terribly empty without you around me. These extended periods without you bring me down. I think it is always possible to find a job but it’s not always possible to be together. We should be together now. I was worried about you giving up such a good job. I was wrong – not matter what – you should be nearer to me, particularly now when time may be short. What I wouldn’t give to be able to see you tonight. We’ve experienced real happiness since we married. I doubt whether we could have been happier with riches or beautiful homes, cars, etc. what we had and will have again isn’t effected [sic] much by material things. Naturally, there must be some things that are adequate must be present like good food and shelter, one cannot starve and live. Those marvelous days. I get a taste of it when I can see you now and then.

I expect to get home next weekend. I figured out that I may just miss the guard roster. Tomorrow I’ll make a reservation at the Service Club Guest House just to make sure that no matter what happens I’ll see you. I was wondering whether you will be well enough to travel next week, how about it, sometimes you feel pretty bad I know, [strikeout]

Yesterday’s show at the Service Club was on the corny side except for Adrian Rollini’s trio of polished musicians, I mean polished but not hot or moving. They played one boogie woogie number but that bordered on was almost good but not quite.

There isn’t much to do tonight so I’ll just take it easy and perhaps make plans for some kind of artwork. Sunday’s work was pretty successful, I hope you’ll like it, it’s different than a lot of my work. I like the color in it. It’s swell, at least, to be able to do some artwork here, it keeps me inspired and moving along. I feel I’d like to tackle some type [of] a large painting of any subject. I’d like to be working on a problem in painting.

Well, good night, darling, I’m hoping I’ll find a letter from you tomorrow.



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