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Illuminated Letters

November 11, 1943

Letters from Arthur Singer

painting of three anteaters

Wednesday, Nov. 10

My love,

Not much new today, but I did get a letter from Lou. He has been transferred to Camp Claiborne, La. It’s an engineer outfit but I don’t see any camouflage attached to the name. That isn’t too good. Lou doesn’t know whether he’s made a good change or not. He says that the camp is pretty bad. All the men there are bricklayers, carpenters, steel workers and pick and shovel men. He fears that it is more or less of a labor battalion. Frankly, I think all battalions are labor battalions, but there are such things as engineer labor battalions. I hope Lou didn’t land in one of those. But I believe he may stand better chances in a place like that, for ratings, than here where we have a bunch of high I.Q. men. I wasn’t going to send Lou’s letter, but then I realized you enjoy his letters so I’m censoring one and that is used more than any other in the Army. It means – oh well let it go I put snafu in its place so the letter won’t offend you.

Angel, sweet beloved, I love you. I can feel your blessed body held tight in my arms, my lips pressed closely on yours, your arms holding me tight. God, I better not continue. Dearest, how wonderful it is that you’re my wife. I could spend a furlough anywhere and have a marvelous time just as long as you are with me. It’s alright with me if you want to stay in Baltimore. It’s a poor substitute for New York, but if you are to come down with a view to staying, as long as I am at Meade, then that would be the best opportunity.

Tomorrow is a dreaded hike. I hope I can make it. Otherwise, there’s nothing else of interest.

I somehow don’t care to go out to Baltimore or Washington nights, even though it gets to be a bringdown staying in the barracks. About the least one can get away with spending is two dollars. One for carfare, another for a meal (can’t get a good one for less) and then it costs more if one wants to see a show, movie or go to a record store. I can’t really enjoy going out without you. I don’t care to drink with the boys or run around with “fast babes” with them. I prefer your company and will splurge only with you.

I’ll write again tomorrow night if I can hold myself up. Hapgood told me that I don’t have guard Saturday, now all I have to worry about is that I don’t get K.P. this weekend.

I hear we are having a bivouac for four days beginning next Tuesday. It’s going to be very cold I’m afraid. I guess I’ll survive somehow.

My love to you and regards to all at home.



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