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Illuminated Letters

October 18, 1943

Letters from Arthur Singer

ink sketch of a water buffalo


My darling beloved,

After the pleasure I got in finishing my decoration died down I got rather blue for the need of you. And I get bluer when I realize I won’t see you for some time. If I see you this weekend for a few hours I’ll have to wait for three weeks after until I see you again, or if I wait now, I’ll see you three weeks from now. I really wished we had money because if we did you could come to Baltimore to a hotel and I could be with you from 1 o’clock Saturday until 4 o’clock Sunday afternoon. But I realize this is a very lean month for you. If I got a detail then all would be ruined. God, war is hell, isn’t it? Darling, I long so much to hold you in my arms.

It looks as though we will have a chilly four day bivouac and I know it will be tough. I heard that we will have to build roads and bridges and I know what that means. If we can mail letters I will, but usually there are no facilities for that so I guess you won’t get any letters from me for a few days. I’m wondering whether we will get any mail, I haven’t heard from you for two days.

Have you received the kodakchrome yet, or any enlargements of yourself? Did you ever get that Myra Hess record?

I haven’t heard from any friends recently. Tonight I guess I’d better write to Walter, my parents and George if I have time. I just finished packing my stuff for tomorrow.

Big changes are due soon since the new T.O. is now a fact. There will be a shuffle in the platoons and about 15 men leaving, I heard I’m not on the list. As for ratings, noone knows, I’ve almost given up hope – you really don’t know how the Army is until you are in it.

Well, I guess that’s all for tonight. Just remember, I love you and always will. Goodnight.



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