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Letters to Lou

September 9, 1943

Letters from Arthur Singer

watercolor painting of a womans face with her eyes closed

Arthur's portrait of Judy

[on U. S. Army Fort Meade stationery]


Dear Lou and Ann,

Received a letter from Milt this past Saturday. He has it pretty nice from what he says. He must be enjoying himself. For his sake I hope it lasts. Perhaps you’ll be able to hit something good also.

There is so little news that this letter is likely be be [sic] quite short. Judy thought she might come down this weekend but the plans fell through because she had to work Saturday and will here to work Monday also. Consequently, I sorta have the blues. I’ve been sleeping and writing letters this weekend and also reading Panassie’s The Real Jazz.

I expect to be in next weekend if I’m lucky and that we’ll be the last opportunity for me to see you. I hope you will be around I have some snapshots to show you of Ann and yourself.

I saw Ellington last weekend and he decided to use one of the drawings. I had to make one small change so I mailed it to him this week. I hope he comes across because I could use the dough, I want to get something nice for Judy’s birthday.

We had a bivouac […] unusual because we were all given separate rations and told to cook them ourselves. That was the whole problem of the bivouac. We cooked four meals in our mess kits. It didn’t turn out badly at all. But it rained like hell the second day. We had to march there and march back through a terrific downpour.

If you are in town next weekend would you and Ann come over to us in Bellaire? Either way, write me anyhow and tell me whether you have any plans next weekend. I’ll certainly try to get home. The week after is Alert Week and noone can get out.

Well so long for now give Ann a kiss for me

[closing clipped off in scan]

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