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Letters to Lou

January 30, 1944

Letters from Arthur Singer

watercolor painting of a darkhaired man in uniform

Singer's self-portrait

Sunday, Jan. 30, 44

Dear Lou,

By now I imagine you got my last letter so you know I’m in Tennessee. Right now I feel about as low as I have ever felt. I should be on my way home now or on a nice long furlough – but I’m not. All furloughs and leaves were canceled! That’s the type of luck I usually have. Just two days prior to my date of leaving this God-damned order came through.

We are pretty sure now that we are going overseas and soon. More encouraging news. Now I don’t know whether I’ll see Judy again or not and “gate” I’m really brought down – and I mean it.

Prospects for promotion do not exist and that part of it doesn’t mean much to me anymore, all men are “frozen” meaning that no one can be transferred from this outfit to any other. The only way anyone can get out is on a medical discharge. The men are the only thing that makes life bearable – they are a swell bunch to be with.

At present I’m going to Motor School and am mastering the art of driving. That is something because I’ll know something about it when I get out.

Otherwise, there is nothing new and nothing to do except to read, write letters, paint or go to the movies. I saw a couple of good ones recently – Lifeboat and Miracle of Morgans Creek which makes me forget the Army for a few hours.

We are now part of the 2nd Army and it’s really “chicken shit”. You understand by now what I mean by that. But enough of this and myself.

How is Ann? And how are things working out for you? Did you have a good time in New Orleans and what is it like there? Write and let me know the details.

The weather has been pretty mild here in Tennessee and quite a difference from the cold of Ft. Meade. We haven’t had much bad weather, when it is bad everything is mud.

I guess there isn’t very much else, Lou, but I’ll be looking forward to a letter from you and maybe a postscript from Ann. Give her my love. Best to the both of you and I hope you have a happy, and a long period of time at your camp. And now I think I’ll call Judy by phone and maybe get rid of some of these lonesome blues.



P.S. Haven’t heard from Milt for ages and ages.

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