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Letters to Lou

December 1943

Letters from Arthur Singer

watercolor painting of a woman looking down

Portrait of Judy

[Letter is undated, postmark is partly illegible. Assume date is approx mid-December 1943]

[On United States Army stationery]

Dear Lou,

Your letter that I received Monday sounded a bit better than the preceding one. As usual your letter was written as though you were talking to me and brought you very close – if you dig what I mean, gate.

At the present I am spending a five day furlough in Baltimore with Judy. I told you that I wanted Judy to come down and live here for I believe that we may get shipped out. Well, Saturday she came with her bags and baggage and we scouted around for a room. There are a lot of rooms to be found and we didn’t have any time trouble. The U.S.O.s helped us and we found one that afternoon late. It’s a very nice room but rather high priced – the one we selected – but if Judy gets a job it won’t be any trouble. The city is crying for female help. We rent it by the week and if it proves too much we can easily pack up and look elsewhere. We have a nice bathroom right next to our room. Since we didn’t take any apartment we have to eat our meals out and that’s the biggest expense. After the furlough, I’ll be eating in camp and coming home nights. I’ll see to it that I get in before reveille. I hope this paradise lasts a little while at least.

Has your change come about yet, you mentioned a transfer in your letter? How is Ann doing? I suppose you hear from her quite often. I haven’t heard from Milt since I last wrote you, by the way does he ever hear from Bernie?

Do you know when you’ll get a furlough, Lou, you should get one after about four months in the Army.

So I guess that’s all the news for now but you’ll here [sic] from me soon again. By My best to you, Lou and I hope you’ll get a chance to see Ann and you[r] folks soon. Here’s Judy ----

Hello Lou,

I’ve been keeping up with your adventures by reading the letters you send Arthur. The last one sounds a bit better so, things much be picking up. I hope so.

I’ve been down here for the last five days and I love it. I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner. I’m going to try and stick with him as long as I can.

I tried calling Ann before I left New York but I couldn’t get her. In fact there wasn’t anyone home at all. I hear she’s been working quite hard. That is quite like Ann. Well I’ll try to put my two cents in again. Take care of yourself.

Love Arthur & Judy

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