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Letters to Lou

October 15, 1943

Letters from Arthur Singer

uniformed man in helmet

Arthur Singer in uniform

Dear Lou,

I lost the fountain pen I’ve been using so I’ll have to write with this pencil, hope you can read my scrawl.

I’m pretty sure from what you’ve told me that you stand a very good chance of being transferred to something better. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about Camp Claiborne. I wish I could. I don’t suppose there is a chance for you to be sent here. Anyhow almost anywhere you go would be better than where you are.

As for me there is nothing new. I did hear some terrific news that’s so good it sounds fantastic. I won’t discuss it until it materializes – if it ever does.

While I was in last weekend Judy said she would call Ann this week. Judy is starting a course at the New School of Art. She will study painting with Moses Soyer. Haven’t heard her reports on it yet. I had a nice time when I was in. We saw a swell show you would like – Katherine Dunham’s Tropical Revue – it’s all negro dancing. Some stuff.

I haven’t heard from Milt for quite a while. Got one letter yesterday from Arthur Smith, it was interesting.

Did you get Life this week, it’s a wonderful issue – don’t miss it.

I don’t suppose I’ll be getting to N.Y. for about four weeks but I’m due a furlough about the end of November.

At present I’m going to a messenger and bugle school, I was drafted into it but I don’t want it. I guess that’s all for now Lou. […] Regards from Judy.

Your pal,


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