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May 8, 1945

Letters from Theodore Katz

uniformed man with an arm around a civilian woman

Ted's sketch, titled "Liberation"

May 8/45

Dearest Helen,

At last we have come to the day that has been long awaited by most of the world. I don’t know how V-E day was celebrated by the rest of the world – but I had a pretty good idea, because the celebration that I viewed was one represented by practically every nation in Europe. These representatives were liberated peoples of Poland, Russia, France, Jugoslavia, Greece, etc. – and the scenes which ensued would really be something to write about, if only I could describe it in detail. In fact, this last phase of the war has resulted in a plethora of bizarre incidents which will make for many, many stories to tell you. Some of them will no doubt seem unbelievable and probably by then I won’t believe them myself.

Of course, with us the end came as no great surprise. It could have come anytime during the last couple of weeks. Instead of surprise, it was as though part of the weight has been lifted from our minds. I guard this part as 1/3 – then another 1/3 when we return and the final third when the Army and I take mutual leave of each other.

Now that the war is over, I know that most of the worries that you have undergone will vanish – and now all you have to worry about is the time it will take for me to come back. I still can’t imagine how wonderful it will be – it eludes me like a will-o-the-wisp – but when I find out, I’ll let you know immediately – if I can find words to describe it. If I remain tongue-tied for a period of time you’ll know that I’m groping for words – but I think you’ll know without my saying so. And if I manage to break a couple of your ribs in my uninhibited joy – I’ll let you break a couple of mine and maybe we can fix it so that we’ll be in the same cast together. That being one sure way of keeping from being separated. We could also manage to add a few shekels to the baseball fund by contracting to act as the latest in Siamese twins in our spare time – if we have any spare time.

Now –if only the war in the Pacific would come to a speedy conclusion our troubles would be practically over – and our post-war plans could begin to function. Once the full weight of Allied power is shifted and directed at Japan, I doubt whether it would take long to finish the job. But this shifting of power takes time and as the saying goes – Time will tell.

I miss you more than ever.

All my love,

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