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April 2, 1945

Letters from Theodore Katz

Helen and Ted in suits holding each other in their arms

A photo of Helen and Ted from his wallet photo gallery. Photo courtesy of Richard Katz.

April 2, 1945

Dearest Helen,

Every once in a while, I draw forth my “gallery” from my wallet and give myself a shot of adrenaline as I look over my collection of pictures – and make mental comments. Would you like to know what I say? – Well, it goes something like this: - Nice, awfully nice – that sly smile and expression – I call it the close the window expression – nice legs – all this and smart too – smart clothes, too – can all this be mine – and so on, until I remember that I’ll never get a letter done by looking at pictures – and the mail must get through – ( or at least, it must be on its way).

Our mail has been scarce the last few days – today about six letters came for the entire company – so, one of these days, I expect another one of those batches of 10 or 12.

Furloughs are now being authorized to the Riviera as well as to England, that part of France being much like Florida in climate. Warm, palm trees etc. But the quotas are so small and the names are picked from a hat (excuse, helmet) – so the mathematical odds are too great, to warrant any excitement. You know the adage – lucky in love, unlucky in cards. But once the war is over, I expect that the quotas will jump and mayhap I can spend some of my time while waiting for the boat at Nice or Monte Carlo.

During this waiting period the Army also intends to set up an Educational Program – to keep us occupied. It’s a splendid idea and the courses are all-inclusive, ranging from turkey-raising to Hydro-Electric Engineering. Included is an Art Program, which has possibilities. I only hope that the Army doesn’t put too much GI stigma upon it – or else it will all be a waste. It has great possibilities – and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It would be wonderful to get back to painting – maybe in Paris, with some of the great artists of France as instructors. But, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I’ll let you know more about it when I learn of it myself. None of it will happen until the war is over anyway. But that shouldn’t be long now. I hope. I hope. I hope.

Regards to your folks and the girls –

All my love,

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