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April 14, 1945

Letters from Theodore Katz

view of a valley from atop a forested high point

Ted's view in Germany reminded him of a similar view he photographed in the US

April 14th/45

Dearest Helen,

The time is 6:30 P.M. and the sun is still partly high and from where I sit, - the panorama is awe-inspiring. I’m atop a very high wooded hill; behind me are still higher hills. In front of me the ground drops sharply away toward a valley where a river winds like a silver thread – and beyond that another ridge. It reminds me of parts of the Adirondacks or the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I sit in the middle of a small apple orchard in full bloom. The apple blossoms, the warm sun, the quiet and the vast spaces resulting in a feeling which I’d almost forgotten. All I need is to have you here with me and it would be complete.

No mail for a couple of days – and I don’t expect any for the next few days, so I’m resigned to my fate. But, there should be a good batch when it does come. Everything points to a speedy conclusion to the war here – the one dark spot being Roosevelt’s death. Why couldn’t it have happened to Hitler? – or is he being saved for something worse –

All my love,

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