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Back in the USA

Wednesday [August or September, 1945]

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Letters from Harold J Dahl Wednesday August or September 1945

[August or September 1945]

Dear Mom & Lou,

Your news about Jo certainly came as a bombshell - although it would have been more of a surprise had her letter reached me first. I thought she had been married by now to that aviator. Of course I will have to see her when I can - it will be fun to find out from her how I have changed in seven years. When I answered her note I told her many changes had taken place in me since we were such gay kids together. Sweetie seems to have done well - her husband being military attaché to Spain.

Soldier in the woods world war 2

Danstadt in Normandy

Things are all mixed up here - the 80 pointers & men over 35 years old leave Friday - What happens to the rest of us then I don’t know. Evidently the deactivation will not be complete until the 30th & since this Post is being made a separate Point. One school of thought has it that we will be left here to run it until our own times come. Well, this isn’t such a bad camp so I shouldn’t mind if it does work out that way. Better that than being shipped to some 2nd Army Post in Mississippi. If I can help it I’m never going south again.

Poor Lt. Line! The officers get out with 85 points & he lacks just one. We lose (?) Aliopoulas & Ohlson.

Danstedt & Erickson were supposed to leave but they got in a fight with some cops in Watertown last night so now they have to stay until the charges against them are satisfied. Eric also has a bandaged hand - contact with a nightstick was not beneficial.

I certainly wish a letter would come from Nancy [Woodell] - it is 3 months since I heard from her & that’s an awfully long time.

I look for a letter from Claire [Van Duyne] every day now too - with those pictures we took on my furlough. I should think they must be ready by now. Did Vic Peterson ever send the ones he took? Johnny took one in Ottawa - and also one friend of Jean Charett’s took one of us together & she has promised to send it as soon as she can. So I should have quite a collection.

Give my regards to all the Van Duynes - I think of them often.


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