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Back in the USA

Monday [October 1945]

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Letters from Harold J Dahl Monday October 1945

[October 1945]

Dear Mom & Lou,
I’ve observed one thing about writing to women & that is, once you have used a superlative you must continue to do so - of course I liked the cookies, I always did like Toll House cookies and wish to go on record as saying now that I shall continue to be extremely fond of them until such time as I might say otherwise which is not likely ever to be.

On the subject of packages - don’t send any more because I can do OK without them now and don’t know how long I’ll be here - I’d hate to think you went to a lot of trouble & then have the package spend itself bouncing around the A.P.O.’s.

close up of soldier with pack in front of wooden ropes structure

Carl Johnson

Not having heard from Nan [Woodell] in all this time looks not at all good, so I am going ahead with alternate plans in which the schooling will be at night instead of days.  Probably will be the same subject - languages - also probably at Berlitz if such a thing can be arranged under G.I. Bill of Rights and I think it can. Cliff lives in New York - don’t know just what I would do for educational films but think I could help them most organizationally which is one reason for the language besides my desire to learn to speak French, Spanish, possibly German.  For instance if they wanted to do geographical movies they would need some good organizer to go with the film crews & make all the necessary arrangements.  I am a good organizer - a good traveler - feel at home in all countries I have visited - just need more ground work in their tongues.

I also have some ideas about starting out for myself along with Otis Riggs & Carl Johnson & perhaps another fellow in a special kind of interior decoration firm.  George & Norman [Dahl] rather like the idea & I think there would be quite a future in it.  And money. There are several things I want to look into.

Jo wrote me that Chas & Lulu were coming home soon - I suppose the Army wants all those lush spots for its regular personnel & I know Chas wants to get out and go back to Texas.  It will be swell to see them - they were such good friends when I needed them in those first dark Army months.  I wonder if Patsy will still love Harold like she used to. Must be pretty big by now.

Am enclosing a clipping from Newsweek about 23rd.  They still are not telling too much.  The Worcester paper reprinted their story Oct. 4th - I have a copy & will send it along later on.

I had quite a shock yesterday - of all things, -of all people, Crider re-enlisted! For 3 years! He will be going back to Europe soon - after his 3 month leave is up.  What a surprise that was! I can’t stand many like that.

When you talk to the Van Duynes again you might mention that the Colonel I complained of so bitterly & who made our lives so miserable was relieved of his command after an investigation of just such complaints as mine, made by everyone from a Lt. Col. on down.  Had we gone to the Pacific, at least it would have been without him.  When I see how other outfits live I wonder how we ever lived through it. Well, it will soon be all over for all our gang & thank the Lord for that.

Oh yes - the other night I saw “The Keys to the Kingdom” - you’d like it very much, Mom - try to see it if you can.


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