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Back in the USA

August or September, 1945

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Letters from Harold J Dahl August or September 1945

[August or September 1945]

Dear Lou,
There is some chance that they might take away our ETO jackets just because we have some new men who have the old blouses & they insist that we all look the same - so I want to try to work something. Can you send me my old blouse?  Ship it up as soon as you can, will you?

a nurse handing letters to soldier on a train

Leaving for Pine Camp, NY

I went to Kingston, Ontario this week-end - hitchhiked both ways very easily - had a nice quiet week-end including a steak an inch thick.

We still are not going to get paid so I’d like another $10 which I’ll be able to send back when we do.

Tomorrow we start training just as if the Jap war were on as before - we have no new orders so they are going to follow the old ones & make us train for the Pacific.  That is enough to make anybody go over the hill, isn’t it?

And you should see the inspections we have!  Co. Reeder is out of the outfit but temporarily we have someone who doesn’t even know what we did overseas!  We are all pretty sore at the Army I can tell you that.

Joe Taney left for discharge today - the lucky guy.  I’m certainly glad for him though - not to have to suffer with us.

The package arrived on Friday this week - thanks ever so much for all that stuff.  Don’t know what I’ll do with the coffee, but I’ll hang on to it & maybe someday ask for the hot-plate.

I wish I would hear from Nancy [Woodell] - lord knows what will happen to any of us very soon.  Someways I hope they will readjust the point scores to VJ day or sometime after & that it will be on or after Sept. 8 because that would give me 75 points, a pretty good figure along side of 74.  On the other hand I wish it would all be thoroughly cleaned up right away so that our orders will change sooner and we can start more sensible operations around here.

Well - I’d better go to bed - reveille comes mighty early these days -


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