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March 12, 1945

Letters from Theodore Katz

helmeted man in back of a vehicle that has a canvas top

Ted in Europe, with his very useful helmet

March 12th 45

Dearest Helen –

Of all the equipment I am burdened with, I have come to the inevitable conclusion that for all-around utilisation and fuctionalism, my helmet like Abou-Ben-Adam, leads all the rest. I have used it for washing, shaving, bathing and cooking – as a chair – as a pillow – when hung from a tree or wall, it serves as a bureau or dresser-drawer. It’s also supposed to be worn for protection – and when worn for long periods of time produces fatigue and spots before the eyes. I have just finished using it as an instrument for a much needed shampoo – and my hair, recently cut by our company carpenter, and all of 1 inch long (2 inches in some places) now looks as though I’d touched a live wire. I think I’ll design a wash stand for our bathroom to look like a helmet – just so’s I’ll feel at home.

And now it’s time to say goodnight and that I miss you very much –


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