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February 7, 1945

Letters from Theodore Katz

a group of men in front of a damaged building with piles of bottles on the ground

Another time in France when the men scavenged some champagne from a bombed-out building

Feb 7, 1945

Dearest Helen,

I’m having trouble getting used to your new address, having just addressed one to the old address – so I start all over again. By the way, in case the mails arrive in illogical order, this is letter No. 3 to your new lodging – where I hope you are comfortably ensconced by now – , or, perhaps, have found a place more to your liking. I’m glad you have Fannie with you. You speak so highly of her that I know she’s a fine person – and good choice of roommate is important. (I’ll take over in the next inning).

There isn’t much to write of – but rain and mud – and I’ve already written so much on this subject that I feel qualified to write the section devoted to it by the Encyclopedia Brittanica – or Child Life, at least. Right now any efforts are being distracted by a bunch of the men trying to open a barrel of German beer – all noise and confusion – each one claiming to be an expert keg-opener. I’m afraid that in desperation someone will soon take an ax to it.

Regards to everyone.


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