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February 6, 1945

Letters from Theodore Katz

Helen and Ted in casual clothing standing outdoors

Helen and Ted. Photo courtesy of Richard Katz.

Feb 6, 1945

Dearest Helen,

This is letter No 2, written to your new address so – in case this one arrives first – look for an Air-Mail dated Feb 5th. Your letter of the 23rd of Jan which I received today, tells of a few mailess days producing that azure feeling, but I’m sure that it was due to the change in abode and the time taken to forward it – and in no time at all you’ll be getting it regularly again. So, cheer up and next time you go by Zlotnicks, stop and take a good look at that big white bear and you’ll feel much better. In fact, I’ve been thinking of acquiring him for future use. How do you think he’ll look on the piano, or perhaps hanging by his heels from the chandelier – and we can always use him for a fourth for bridge – dummy, of course. – But, if he ever gives me that “Somebody’s been eating my porridge” – out he goes.

Both your letter and one from home tell of your phone call, and after examining both reports, you’re all doing a fine job of cheering each other up – and me too, of course. Just wait till we all get together – we’ll have to nail down the hatches. Feeling fine. Don’t worry too much. You might take to biting your nails and look what happened to the Venus De Milo. Regards to your folks and the girls

All my love,

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