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Back in the USA

October 9, 1945

Letters from Theodore Katz

man seated in a rocking chair outside on a lawn with a woman seated in his lap

Ted and Helen at Ted's parents' house in Syracuse, October 1945. Photo courtesy of Richard Katz.

[postmarked October 9, 1945]

Monday –


I have just finished sewing the ruptured duck [honorable service lapel patch] on my ETO jacket and shirt and want you to be the first to congratulate me. I’ll let you congratulate me in better style soon. These long distance congratulations are never quite as good as the real McCoy.

Of course, I’m not out of the Army yet – but I’ve got one foot out the gate at least. I’ve turned in all my excess clothing and all I have to do is take a physical exam, collect my pay and discharge papers and I’ll be on my way. I was supposed to turn in my field jacket but I “angled” my way out of it and it now reposes in my duffle bag along with the wool shirt you want – and some other things I can use for work clothes, etc.

It looks like I’ll be out by Wednesday night so I’ll probably see you Thursday. I’ll send you a telegram so that you can be undressed by the time I get there. (What am I saying?)

In your letter, received today – written Saturday – you want to know if you should accompany me on my shopping tour. I think not – it’ll be a better surprise for you to see me in civilian garb – when I’m all set. Besides, you wouldn’t want me to go shopping through lingerie shops with you – would you? You would! – Well, I won’t. I want to see you try the stuff on in the privacy of our boudoir – so I can interrupt you every 2 minutes.

Also – got a letter from John – who is now in Yokohama – and doesn’t sound happy about it at all – and small wonder. I wouldn’t be shouting with joy if I were in his place either. He didn’t mention anything about Ibby – you can surmise what you will from that – I, personally, think it’ll all come out alright. He’s just sick & tired of being overseas and in the Army and his morale is down to the point where he doesn’t care what happens. But as soon as he starts back, he’ll perk up like a Jack-in-the-Box.

Meanwhile, try to contain yourself for a day or so – and we’ll soon be putting the car in the garage – or at least the driveway. Also – I need a haircut, a special Galai shampoo and lots of love. I guess I can depend on you for everything but the haircut.

See you soon –

All my love,
Mr. Ted

Regards to the folks –

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