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Back in the USA

November 29, 1945

Letters from Theodore Katz

newspaper clipping announcing wedding with photo of the bride and groom with their wedding cake

Ted and Helen got married on December 2, 1945. Clipping courtesy of Richard Katz.

[postmarked November 29, 1945]

Wednesday –

Dearest Helen,

The important news of the day is one of truly magnificent proportions – the outfit has been declared non-essential and will be broken up. In other words, there will be no more 23rd HQ or 603d. All personnel will be transferred to other organizations where they will either wait for discharge or redeployment to the Pacific, depending on their point scores. Mine of course, means that I’ll wait here in the States. Where, I’ll be sent from here is as yet unknown, but I hope that it’ll be in this vicinity of course. I’d hate to go back down South. The 15th of Sept is a deadline – but as yet I don’t know whether that means for personnel to be actually moved out or to be ready to move. I expect that I will be among the last to close the final chapter on the 603. I’ll be busy with rosters and records, reports etc. until I’m blue in the face. So – in view of all of these things, I don’t know exactly when I’ll be leaving.

And also, in view of these events – I don’t think there’s any use in waiting until after the holidays to come to Syracuse. If possible, I want you to come up this weekend. In last night’s short letter I told you about the long week-end pass I’ll have, from Friday evening till Monday night, and reporting back Tues morning. So, if you can get there any time before Friday evening, it would be wonderful.

The way things look – anything might happen – (I mean about what part of the country I might land in) – so, I think we should make the most of the time we have until we know what the score is, - Yes? So – grab your pajamas (to put under the pillow) and get going. Call the folks and let them know when you’ll arrive and Max will meet you at the station – and then you’ll be there to meet me.

The show last night was a success. The Service Club was done in a French motif and everyone had a fine time. Colored lights, tables with candles on them, etc – the only thing I didn’t like was the fact that there were too many goddam soldiers there – I hate soldiers!

I’m spending the noon hour here at Battalion HQ – as C.Q. [charge of quarters] I’d hoped to have a letter from you at noon, but it wasn’t there. I guess it’ll come in with the afternoon mail.

All I can think of now is that I’ll be seeing you this week-end. Hope nothing upsets the plans. I won’t let you out of my sight. We’ll even have to take a shower together – [the words “shower together” are overstamped with CONFIDENTIAL]

Regards to your folks –

All my love,

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