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Training in the USA

January 19, 1944

Letters from Theodore Katz

small town with home and two people posing by a car 1940s

Ted and Sam in Tullahoma

[postmarked January 19, 1944]

Wednesday –

Dear Helen –

I’ve been able to make a short survey of Camp Forrest and environs – and the results are nothing to rave about. Compared to Ft. Meade – well, I can’t even compare this place to Meade – except that it’s like trying to compare New York and an aboriginal hut in the African veldt.

Last night, Sam and I went to Tallahoma – a town two miles from camp. The place is small, dirty and crowded with soldiers and people trying to milk the soldiers – overcharging everything. A disgusting sight.

You should see the stores – First a harness shop and then next door – a fancy woman’s dress store. I wish you could have seen the styles – the God-awfullest creations I’ve ever seen. Sam and I stood and laughed for fully 15 minutes.

Besides the camp being bad – the restrictions and orders we are under down here make us feel like a Georgia chain-gang.

Among other things we must cut our hair to a two inch length. I know you’ll be glad to hear this – but don’t worry – it’ll grow back someday – and besides I know that it’s not my hair that attracts you to me. – But – don’t cut yours! – One in the family is enough.

Nevertheless – my health is fine, the weather remains warm – in fact, it’s just right for Meridien Park – Ah, those happy days.

Of course, I haven’t received any mail from you as yet – so I won’t ask any questions which you might have answered already and sent on their way.

No news as yet as to what our mission is, status, etc. – and I miss you very much.

Yours in haste,

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