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Training in the USA

January 18, 1944

Letters from Theodore Katz

sketch of soldier in the rain

Ted's sketch, titled "Take a Break" - Camp Forrest, Tennessee 1944

[postmarked January 18, 1944]

Monday –
4:00 P.M.

Dear Helen –

Chapter Two of “A Comedy of Errorts” [sic] takes place here at Camp Forrest. Instead of arriving at about 7:00 this morning – we left the train at 1:00 AM, tired, sleepy and disgusted. As we stepped off the train our feet encountered a very soft, sticky substance, which, upon careful reconnaissance we perceived to be mud – but, such mud – what texture, - what suction – what clinging power. As I lifted my eyes – I saw what appeared to be the set for “Wuthering Heights” and fully expected Heathcliff to come running over the moors.

Seeing as how we were so “on the ball” and arrived earlier than expected – there were no trucks to greet us. So – we bent our weary backs and walked five miles to our new barracks – where we arrived at 4 A.M. – At the barracks – we were pleasantly surprised to find that there were no beds. This amazing phenomena was, of course, greeted with cries of joy by my confréres and I. Nevertheless, we took our blankets from our barracks bags, spread them on the floor and in no time we [were] fast asleep.

Today, was spent setting up the bunks and getting organized. The weather is as warm as a Spring day but the area is a sea of mud – due to a long period of rain and snow.

Tonight, I will greet the Sand Man with open arms at an early hour – I hope. Of course, I would rather it were you I’ll be greeting – But before I fall asleep I’ll think of some very pleasant thoughts to send me on my sleepy way.

The Mail will be on its way soon – so if I want you to get this soon, I must close reluctantly.

Write soon and often. I’m sure that after the novelty of a new environment wears off – my morale will need the lift that only you can bring.


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