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Training in the USA

February 26, 1944

Letters from Theodore Katz

sketch of man getting dressed in a hurry

Ted's sketch of reveille

[postmarked February 26, 1944]

Friday – 9:00 PM.

Dear Helen –

Your letter today – took a week to get here – Somehow or other – although it was plainly addressed to Camp Forrest – it was sent to Fort Meade. It was sent Saturday – so you can see that it bounced around plenty before it got here.

Tomorrow – we have another inspection of equipment and the barracks has been a madhouse of preparation. All our time lately seems to be given to cleaning equipment for some sort of inspection. However, tomorrow’s promises to be a lulu! A General with nothing else to do – will come by my bunk to see if my mess equipment is clean, and will inspect all the various impedimenta I’ve ever been issued, look at my rifle, etc.

– And all this stuff has to be layed out on the bunk in a certain manner. – A razor a half-inch out of line can spell the doom of the careless soldier. Ah, regimentation, that’s the life.

Just ran out of ink – and changing my color – maybe my luck too – Blue is for boys, – yes?

I see that the boys are whistling at you – again. Well, I can’t blame them. And if they still want to know what I’ve got that they haven’t – tell them it’s you.

Today’s masterpiece is not “September Morn” but a sample of reveille. Will you put this one in the parlor, too? – By the way – that Army chow I sent you to-day – is very fine stuff – It’s Field Ration, – also comes as hash, soup – even scrambled eggs – no kidding. I wish we’d get these to eat – instead of the slop in the mess-hall – If I get any of the other varieties of Army cans – I’ll send them to you – not because I think you’re all starving or anything like that but just to give you a sample – or show you that sometimes Army food is not so bad – but it’s been a long time since I’ve had any of that sort.

Nothing new on the furlough situation – but it’ll come – I hope it’ll be sooner than later. Life here continues to be one constant round of uninteresting activity – with nothing during the day to look forward to but Mail Call – Also, as I predicted – the rains have come back – after a slight intermission of one beautiful day. Joke of the day – One of the natives solemnly said today that the rainy season starts next month – Hm-m-m.

And now I must be back to the polishing – but, tonight I’m leaving the window wide open – and don’t you dare ask me to close it – or I threaten to comply and wouldn’t you be the sorry one though –

My regards to the “Testimonials” and also to you from my Maw and Paw


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