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May 12, 1945

Letters from Harold J. Dahl

Letters from Harold J Dahl May 12 1945

To: Mrs. Anna M. Dahl
New Jersey

From: Sgt. H. J. Dahl 12151982
Co. D - 603 Eng. Cam. Bn. Sp.
23rd Hq. Sp. Trs.
A.P.O. 655 c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

May 12, 1945

Dear Mom & Lou,
Well, tonight instead of champagne I am sipping sherry - we got our VE Day ration - wine, cognac, vodka, run - and Benedictine! Real, honest-to-goodness Benedictine!

helmeted soldier in world war 2 drinking from a bottle

GI enjoying a drink

Had 4 letters from you today - 4/24 - 5/28 5/3 - Mother, don’t worry about Nancy - surely you can’t want anything better for me than a good wife, one I’ll always be proud of? And while I would rather have her with me when I come it could not possibly work out so fortunately for us.  So very likely I’ll come alone - then later she will surely get in touch with you if she reaches New York.  Be good to her, Mom - knowing how deeply she loves me & how much I love her.

Lou, it is swell of you to make Nan [Woodell] a package - as I said in another letter - it might be well to send any further ones to her.  I won’t make any more requests.

We did drink for you yesterday, Mom - in champagne at German expense - that should make you happy.

More & more civilians seem to come to the town every day - and, as usual, spend a great deal of time pillaging one another’s homes - I suppose we will be blamed for it.  When you see me, remind me to tell you of the wise tricks they are adopting -


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