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Letters to Lou

November 26, 1945

Letters from Arthur Singer

newspaper clipping with artist and one of his paintings

The newspaper article about Arthur's portraits


Dear Lou,

Thanks for the swell letter, Gate. Just a day or two previously I had had lunch with Herbie, as I do every now and then, and I was amazed to hear then that you were in town. At that time I also found out about Ann going to the hospital again. It was depressing news to me. Judy is going up to see her tomorrow. Poor Ann, I really feel blue about it, so does Judy and I can imagine how you must feel. I hope this “deal” works out and you can get out of the Army. How does it look at present, are there good chances? About Ann again, I remember she had some trouble after the baby was born – wasn’t it cured at the time or is this a relapse? If it’s true about Ann being operated on, I hope it helps her. Well, Gate, you’d better come home soon.

There is only one tough proposition – that’s finding an apartment. Lord knows I’m plain downright disgusted with the housing situation in N.Y. Otherwise things are okay. The job is good, I hardly do any finished or mechanical work, all of it is designing and making comprehensive layouts. I hope it keeps up as it is and we get a couple of accounts we’re trying to get.

As for free lancing, I find I’m quite tired by the time night comes. On the children’s book deal, I tried a couple of sample illustrations but I’m not much on handling children or women either and I had to sweat to get what I did. I wasn’t sure I wanted the job. Well, I didn’t get it. However, this guy said that if anything comes up where animals are called for I’ll get it – and also if I know anyone I can collaborate with – they’ll be interested in publishing the stories. I’ll be having a luncheon appointment with these people sometime this week to discuss a few things. Otherwise things are going along as usual. George got out of the Navy and he will be working on a free lance basis – but with me at Sackheim’s! He can’t find office space – which is about as tough as apartments to find!

We had a big feast at the house here Thanksgiving. It was a very big affair. Did you get your turkey, Gate?

There isn’t much other news. My picture appeared in the Herald Tribune a couple of Sundays ago and the results were that a lot of bonds were sold – putting me on the spot. I have Saturdays filled up during almost the whole month of December – for which of course, I don’t see a red cent. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Judy is feeling quite well and has just seen the doctor today. She’s doing well.

Otherwise there isn’t much other news. I hope I’ll be seeing you soon again, Lou, but let’s keep writing until that time.

Love from Judy and myself. I’ll find out all about Ann tomorrow after Judy sees her. Take it easy, Gate, and I hope you’ll be in civilian clothes soon.


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