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Letters to Lou

November 20, 1944

Letter from Lou Dorfsman to Arthur Singer

eight men in uniform holding a sign that its Thanksgiving 1944

The boys at Thanksgiving, 1944

Nov 20

Dear Art,

All your letters to me have been ‘gems’ and 50 years from now if you ask to see them I’ll still have and cherish them! You really touched me deeply with the sentiment you voiced on out close relationship to each other - it sure goes without saying that you are one of the few people I really am close to and someone I call my friend with pride.

I wonder if you received my last v-mails in installments (3) like I sent them?

I’ll make it a point to send you a photo of Ann and myself shortly, and if I haven’t already mentioned it please - if you want anything at all in art materials (or anything else) don’t hesitate to request them from me and I’ll get them off to you. There are some fine artist supply stores in Dallas.

Ann and I talked about you last night - Ann prepared dinner and I sort of didn’t go for it so she ups & says “My God Judy and I have the same trouble with our husbands!” She then corrected herself and remembered that after you got into the army you relished all her (Judy’s) cooking.

I believe that I have a fair idea of what you are doing & where you are by your writings I’m sure it’s pretty hot especially from recent news headlines on the new offensive. If God is all he’s cracked up to be I hope he’s looking after you.

The shows have terminated for good and I’m back in Dallas with Ann. She stayed here while I traveled[.] She works in hq’s. here in Dallas doing a menial job of typing discharges of all things!

I thought that my previous letters gave a good cross section of that show. But to summarize: we show ASF branches doing their jobs and the message we tried to convey was that ASF feeds, clothes, arms, gives med. care entertains etc. and all this was shown in terms of war bonds - sales of which were part of but secondary to the show of equipment and services.

Milt writes of an art exhibit his outfit put on and he was represented by 8 pieces. He sounded very enthused. Writes that he received an interesting letter from you. Did he write to you about Bernie? He’s staff sgt. and still in Australia.

My work since the close of the show consisted of a display for the C.G’s office and one for our office. Originals for silk screen posters for special ser one of which I’m working on now. It’s really great here but it’s still Army and I don’t know if it can last. You know how incidental art work can be to the Army.

As I write I recall our nice times in Parkchester and the meals we had together sure is nice to look back to & even nicer to look ahead to!

Be careful Art. And all our love to you and Judy. Ann hasn’t seen your letter yet. I just got it and am writing during working hours. But take her love and a kiss for granted.


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